Casual Formal Fashion Is The Latest Among Men

The object of formal is to achieve an elegant, dignified and polished look. However, Justin Bieber does formal in his own style and it is being copied in many places even though he is a teen age fashion icon. He may dress up his outfit and wear a black denim jacket, black crew neck tee shirt, custom t-shirt and black denim jeans and then put on an all black pair of sneakers as his dress accessory. Or he may wear a midnight blue button up top with a black bow tie and match that with matching midnight blue sneakers. SO this is one example of casual  formal fashion style for men in 2017.

Black Color Formal Fashion Style 2017 – Always Trendy!

Others might include a single breasted velvet blazer in black which can also double as a tuxedo in those cases where black tie optional is indicated. A great looking white shirt always works for formal fashion for men especially in the next year or so. In some cases this fine white shirt can also be a soft muted color but that well cut and well made white shirt will never let you down in a formal situation. No pants cuffs are in for formal also.

Short sleeves are not in for 2011 and short sleeves are not in any condition considered formal fashion. Even short shirts disguised under a suit jacket or blazer because when you raise you arms your wrist bones are exposed ands so is a lot of the rest of your arm and it shows you are wearing a short sleeved shirt.

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Watches are important to complete that perfect formal look you want.You might be wondering what watches are popular this year, especially for those on the male end of the spectrum. The question is—how exactly DO you know? Well, you could Google them, or you can simply continue reading this article!

For one, Swiss watches are pretty cool again. They’re simple, stylish, and you can wear them with pretty much anything that you have in mind. You can choose from quartz, kinetic, etc.

Rolex is still fairly big. However, they are rather expensive and you may find that they aren’t quite worth it to you. It’s up to you.

Big watches are really, really popular. Like, nearly having Big Ben himself on your arm, only with a strap. One brand that creates a really cool big watch is Concord.

The watch that they create that is so intriguing is the Concord C1 Big Radar Watch. It glows in the dark, it’s sleek and black, and it provides perfect time. It is not an digital watch, but an analog.

There is also the Hysek Furtif Skeleton Tourbillion, a super cool watch that has an even cooler design. Great for a young adult, teenage boy, or biker that is looking to look bad to the bone.

Then there is the Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Ultra Thin “Tribute to 1931″ watch. This is a very sleek, very executive looking watch and perfect for businessmen and those who work in the office or otherwise.